HAWK Mining process

HAWK is not only a co-sharing scooter, but also a blockchain mining machine. As long as it is connected to the HAWK co-sharing network, the HKC that users mine every day can be sold on the Digital Asset Exchange.

Value of the HKC Token

Payment for cycling

In the future, users can use HKC to pay for their ride.

Secondary market transactions

HKC can be traded through the exchange platform after it is listed on the Digital Asset Exchange.

Application of the ecosystem

HKC can be used in other co-sharing platforms under UChain.

UChain Intelligent Shopping Mall

HKC will be a currency used for the UChain Intelligent Shopping Mall in the future

Sub-tokens conversion

With improvements in the UChain co-sharing ecosystem, the HKC tokens are allowed to be exchanged with other types of tokens.

For HAWK scooter purchases

HKC tokens will be able to partially offset the purchase of HAWK scooters in the near future.

HAWK brings hope

Through Hawknet's co-sharing block chain network, everyone can be a part of the co-sharing scooters platform.