• What's the difference between HAWK scooters and other ordinary scooters?

    Hawk is the latest generation of intelligent scooters with a long battery life (lasts up to 45km). Its competitive advantages are: 1. Hawk scooters can access our sharing network of global massive user resources. Users can earn income immediately after scanning the scooter’s QR code to use it. 2. Hawk is the world’s first blockchain technology’s sub-chain; with mining capabilities, Hawk can mine HKC tokens every day.

  • When will I receive my Hawk after ordering?

    It is estimated that the products will start shipping in mid-May 2019. The detailed delivery date will be announced on the official website.

  • Do I need to wear protective gears when riding a scooter?

    We recommend wearing protective gear (i.e helmet) for your safety and to comply with local traffic regulations.

  • Does the HAWK need to be assembled after unpacking?

    Hawk ships you assembled products, so you can use it right out of the box.

  • How to use Hawk to mine?

    Download the app after purchasing the Hawk scooter, then you can start mining by accessing the network. The HKC token you’ll obtain from mining can be viewed daily on your mobile app.

  • What is the return and exchange policy?

    Once the order is shipped, there is no cancellation, return, or exchange due to global logistic reasons. Please purchase after careful consideration

  • Are there any other token awards for scooters except HKC?

    HKC is the only token used by HAWK, and it is also the community incentive token. In the future, HKC will be able to trade in the secondary market after it is launched on the Digital Asset exchange.

  • What exactly is it when it comes to HAWK's current quality assurance policy?

    At present, only limited quality assurance services are available. If you have any quality-related problems, please contact us via the following Customer Service email address: service@hawk.cool.

  • What is the total amount of HKC and what is the mode of distribution?

    The total amount is 20 billion, of which 60% belong to the HAWK owner mining, 10% from the user mining, 10% is the community rewards, and the team possess 20%

  • How often will the HKC be issued?

    HAWK currently issues HKC once a week.

  • What does HKC rely on to maintain value?

    HKC is the native token issued by the scooter-sharing service, HAWK. Its value lies in stimulating continuous participation and strengthening HAWK’s ecological resources. When the scooter-sharing service HAWK reaches a certain scale and quantity, the various roles in the ecology can better cooperate with each other, meanwhile the ecology system can be highly competitive and win a higher market share which will be used as the fundamental aspect of HKC.

  • How many HKCs can a miner dig within one day?

    The first batch of HAWK can mine up to 2,000 HKCs per day, halving the output when we reach 20,000 mine cars.

  • Where can I put HAWK?

    You can place them in any spot that are legally acknowledged by the local community and the government.

  • When will the recruitment of city and community partners begin?

    It is estimated that the recruitment will start in December 2018. Please stay tuned for the official website announcement on the detailed recruitment schedule.

  • When can I buy Hawk scooters? How to pay for it?

    Pre-order starts in January 2019. We only accept payment through ETH; for more information please check our official website. For a more detailed pre-sale schedule, please stay tuned to the official website announcement.

  • How much revenue do I get for each ride order?

    You get $1 every time the user unlocks the scooter through Hawk app, and then $0.15/min for the total ride time. The revenue goes directly to you.

  • What's the fixed price of a scooter? How to calculate the price when the customers pay with ETH?

    One Hawk is priced at USD $1200 worth of ETH. When you use ETH to pay, we will use real-time exchange rates on coinmarketcap.com.

  • why can’t I pay using country’s legal currencies? (e.g. USD, CAD, RMB, etc.) ?

    As mentioned above, Hawk is an entirely brand new blockchain system. We are try to use only cryptocurrency for the payment and money/token circulation in our network.

  • Can I pay with myetherwallet?

    The ETH payment interface is still under development and expected to be available at the end of December, so stay tuned!